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    Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea consists of two departments (southern Corsica and high Corsica).
Corsica is a land of contrasts, a veritable "mountain in the sea" - The Monte Cinto rises to 2710 metres - the island (8 760 sq. km with more than 1000 km of coastline) form a castle freshwater in the Mediterranean; It is located 200 km south-east of the French Riviera, west of Tuscany it is near and north of Sardinia.
Rather wooded and mountainous, the south coast is made up of high cliffs (Bonifacio).
The Corsica lies with Sardinia on a micro continental plate separated from that of France or Italy called block corso-Sardinian.
The Greeks had called this island in the Mediterranean Sea "Kallisté" the most beautiful. Today, Corsica is known as "Island of Beauty" and its breathtaking scenery surely tempt visitors.
With its thousand kilometers of coastline, with about 300 of fine sand, Corsica is an ideal place for boaters, divers and other lovers of the great blue. But Corsica is also a mountain in the sea By the way, the early twentieth century, some had dubbed the island green, to differentiate it from other Mediterranean islands much more arid.
Indeed, Corsica, despite its southernmost position and a sunshine unparalleled, is an island green.

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Hotel LE GOELAND Star Star Star Star (Porto vecchio)

Hotel LE GOELAND Just above the sea, a few steps from the marina, welcome to the hotel & restaurant Le Goeland at the foot of Porto-Vecchio's citadel, surrounded with pine trees, eucalyptus, oleanders and palm trees. With the sun and the sea, Le Goeland offers a genuine feeling of a home away from home, thanks to Jean-Marc and its team... In two words: refinement and simplicity.
Le Goeland Hotel with its exceptional situation in the bay of Porto-Vecchio offers 34 rooms and suites. Staying at Le Goeland is an invitation to rest on the private beach or to take a boat from the private harbour to discover the heavenly beaches and landscapes of the extreme south of Corsica.

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